Shipping & Returns


Shipping Information

$30.00 minimum order policy.   Free delivery to the Building lobby or front desk.  $3.00 delivery fee for all orders special delivery request to be brought directly to the customers apartment door.  A gratuity for your driver/deliverer can be given to your delivery driver and is NOT obligatory but greatly appreciated- as they work very hard to make sure your order is absolutely perfect and delivered expediently. 


Delivery Information:

Keep it Simple, like Clockwork:  Delivery days are Fridays and Mondays - between 12pm and 7pm.  SuiteLife will have you all set up for the start of the weekend on Friday, and have you all covered and good to go for the beginning of the new week on Monday.  

Yes we do next day deliveries. Next day deliveries are on Sundays and Thursdays only-  if you get your order in before the countdown meter expires for a Monday or Friday delivery. 

Countdown meters for each delivery day are visibly located on our website landing page for simple and timely ordering.  Cutoff time for all Friday orders and deliveries is Thursday @ 2pm.   No exceptions.   Cutoff time for all Monday orders/deliveries is Sun @ 2:00pm.  No exceptions.   All orders placed after the above cutoff times will be processed for the next available delivery day. 

Depending on severe snow conditions, deliveries could be cancelled- or postponed until the next delivery day if the weather has improved. We will notify all customers on the morning of the scheduled delivery if operations are in motion.  If deliveries are cancelled, we can process your order for the next delivery day or refund your payment. Whichever the customer would like. 


Refund Policy:

If an item is not in stock we will refund your payment for that specific item.  Refunds are given if we send the customer the wrong item and the item is picked up by one of our delivery staff.  Refunds will be given to the customer if any item the customer ordered is missing.  Refunds will be issued back to the original payment method.  


Cancellation policy:

Please be courteous.  All cancellations must be done no later than 8am the day of delivery.  No exceptions.  40% restocking fee if canceling an order on the day of delivery after 8am.  No exceptions.   After 8am,  our purchasers and drivers have shopped, bought,  and packed your groceries and have been paid for their work time.  



We do not typically substitute items.  Keep it simple for now.  If an item is not available we will refund the amount paid for those specific items  not available.  However,  if you have a special request to substitute any particular item that you ordered,  please let us know in the special request box at checkout. We will then provide a substitution for that particular item if it is not available. The substitution will be a quality comparable product of EQUAL or GREATER value and never less.  If you are still not satisfied with our substitution after your approval of such,  there will be a 50% restocking fee for that item.