"Healthy-Fit 27" Weekly Snack Box!

"Healthy-Fit 27" Weekly Snack Box!


The Ultimate Snack Box for your week! 

This awesome 27 item assortment of healthy-selected snacks and meal replacements will save you money,  keep you on track,  and help you stay healthy & fit each week!

Each box contains:

  • 3  Kind snack bars
  • 3  Protein bars - for snack or meal replacement
  • 3  Protein shakes -  for snack or meal replacement 
  • 3  Mixed nuts
  • 3  Fruit yogurt in a cup 
  • 3  Delicious coconut water
  • 3  Delicious 100% grapefruit in a cup
  • 3  Fresh apples or bananas or combo
  • 3  Healthy "Snack of the Week" surprise!

Our Suite Life Healthy-Select boxes make excellent gifts too. You can never go wrong giving a gift of health and wellness. 

Flavor preference for shakes and protein bars:
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