"Healthy-Fit 27" Weekly Snack Box!

The Ultimate Snack Box for your week! 

This awesome 27 item assortment of healthy-selected snacks and meal replacements will save you money,  keep you on track,  and help you stay healthy & fit each week!

Each box contains:

  • 3  Kind snack bars
  • 3  Protein bars - for snack or meal replacement
  • 3  Protein shakes -  for snack or meal replacement 
  • 3  Mixed nuts
  • 3  Fruit yogurt in a cup 
  • 3  Delicious coconut water
  • 3  Delicious 100% grapefruit in a cup
  • 3  Fresh apples or bananas or combo
  • 3  Healthy "Snack of the Week" surprise!

Our Suite Life Healthy-Select boxes make excellent gifts too. You can never go wrong giving a gift of health and wellness. 

Flavor preference for shakes and protein bars:
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When it comes to your health and making smarter eating choices during your work-week,  SuiteLife has your best interest at heart.  We are very excited to exclusively introduce to you our "Healthy-Select" snack box. 

The "Healthy-Fit 27" shown above

and the "Organic/Gluten-Free 27" coming soon.

So many people want to eat healthier but they do not know what are actual nutritious and healthy foods.  When you purchase our snack boxes, our goal is to take all the guess-work out of the equation, simplify your life, save you money from buying junk food, and deliver to you a better choice of healthier eating thru-out the day and night.  

So do away with the nearest vending machines at work or fast food spots on the go.  Better, let us provide your weekly healthy snack options while saving you money at the same time. Each day,  just choose your healthy snacks to go from our healthy box and stay on track! 

* Every item in our healthy boxes have been  'Smart-Selected'  by a team of certified personal trainers and nutritionists, each giving their own valuable recommendations.